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Questions to Ask Your Broker If You Are Planning to Buy a Property

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Getting a home loan in Homebush will not always be easy. So, to make the process convenient, it’s better to consult with a home loan expert. But if you don’t know what to ask, you can follow the points that we have discussed here.

Basically, we have laid down some of the most asked questions here. However, apart from what we have discussed here, you can ask other questions too. Anyway, now without any more delay, let us delve into the list of the questions.

  • Which Loan Should I Apply For?

Asking about the types of loans available to the secured home loan experts in Homebush is important because each loan has certain limitations and is dependent on your income, debt, etc. But to assess the type of loan that will be best for you, the loan expert might ask you about the limit of your credit cards or the credit history. This is because he or she will need to assess your borrowing power which will depend on your income and expenses.

Depending on your financial history, the broker will provide you with the option of a fixed or variable rate home loan. With that, they will also tell you about the features of each and depending on them, you can make the selection.

  • What Documents Will be Required To Apply for the Loan?

This is another important question you should ask the finance broking expert in Homebush.

Though this is a common question, yet, you will get the time to arrange the documents required before the application process.

Generally, to apply for a home loan, you will require proof of your identity along with age proof and your student identity card if you have that. However, with these, you might also require your birth certificate.

On the other hand, if you are self-employed, you can provide your tax returns as well.

  • What Will be the Rate of Interest for the Loan?

When applying for the loan, you should ask the mortgage broking expert in Homebush about the rate of interest.

Now, this will vary according to the type of loan that you have applied for.

If you have applied for the variable rate home loan, the interest rate can fluctuate over the given span of years. However, with the fixed-rate home loan, the rate of interest will stay the same. So, it’s very important to choose the right type of loan to avoid facing problems later.

  • What Will be the Loan Fee?

Some loans will accumulate fees and charges. So, it is always important to ask the mortgage brokers about the type of loan that you are going for.

Generally, the fee on the loan is levied by the lender or the bank. Additionally, the fees can vary accordingly for instance rate lock fees, application fees, ongoing monthly fees, etc.

Your broker can give you more information about this.

  • What is the Settlement Time for the Loan?

If you are applying for a home loan, expect the settlement time to be 6 weeks or a bit more when and if you pay a 10% deposit. However, you can discuss the timeframe with the real estate agent.

These 5 questions are quite common but important. So, you should consider these if you are planning to apply for a loan.

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